Waste Management

Temporary Storage

All significantly contaminated material has to be placed in temporary storage at the site being remediated.  This storage is for up to three years while long-term storage and disposal options are developed.



Volume Reduction

Crushing can be effective for vegetation.  This gives a volumetric reduction by about 88% for branches and canes, and 45 to 63% for grass and fallen leaves.  It is much less effective for larger logs.


Incineration of undergrowth, branches and leaves in a high-temperature incinerator can give a volumetric reduction of 96% or higher.


Rotary drying of mixtures of sand and roots can achieve a volumetric reduction of 75 to 90%.


Contaminated water can be treated by filtration, adsorption, coagulation or precipitation, with the wastes recovered in solid form.  The treated water may be re-utilised.